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What we taught the young men at the 2012 WAY-M young men’s retreat

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Please click on the links here to see what we taught this year at ChristianGovernance’s WAY-M young men’s retreat.

Regarding these teaching notes, Check against Delivery, to use a media term. What’s contained here is largely what was presented at the retreat. They are notes, however, and Tim Bloedow presented the material in a discussion format, so they are not a precise transcription of exactly what was said. If you are interested in more information or want any clarification of what was discussed, please contact us at or at 613-496-0091.

Our teaching was from Dangers to Young Men, a chapter in J.C. Ryle’s book, Thoughts for Young Men: Addressing the Greatest Challenges in a Young Man’s Life. We considered four of the five dangers raised by Ryle. “Thoughtlessness” was discussed as the Saturday morning devotional. The other three were full 1.5 hour studies.

Teaching notes for WAY-M 2012

Teaching notes for WAY-M 2012 – Student version

Schedule for young men’s WAY-M retreat – Oct. 26-28

Saturday, September 29th, 2012


Friday, Oct 26th

5:45pm – registration
6:15 – eat
6:45 – session 1 – Pride
8:15 – break
8:30 – games
11:00 – lights out


7:30am – get up, devotions and breakfast
8:30 – group devotional – Thoughtlessness
9:00 – break
9:15 – session 2 – Love of pleasure
10:45 – break
11:00 – martial arts/self-defense
12:30 – lunch
1:15 – service ministry: helping the Bethesda Renewal Centre prepare for the winter (bring work clothes and work gloves – gloves can be provided)
3:45 – sports
5:15 – supper
6:00 – session 3 – Fear of man’s opinion
7:30 – break
8:00 – movie
11:00 – lights out


7:45am – get up
8:15 – breakfast
8:45 – pack up
9:30 – leave for church

Upcoming October young men’s weekend retreat – Info and Registration form

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

WAY-M Retreat Flyer 2012

WAY-M 2012 Registration Form

WAY-M Retreat

1st Annual Young Men’s Retreat

Dangers in Young Men’s Lives

Christianity is a Battle.

We all have a race to run, a battle to fight, a heart to humble, a world to overcome, a body to keep under control, a devil to resist. To be a champion, you have to successfully defeat your enemies. Your enemies need to know that you mean business as you battle them; that you’re not going make peace with them; that your goal is victory, and nothing less.

Four of the greatest enemies faced by young men are pride, the love of pleasure, thoughtlessness and the fear of man’s opinion. Bible teacher J.C. Ryle discusses these enemies as “Dangers of Young Men.”

We will be using his book as our guide as we study them: we will learn to understand these enemies better, and how they attack; examine our vulnerabilities to these adversaries, and how to guard ourselves against their assaults; and how to conquer them.

Ryle’s book, Thoughts for Young Men, is available online: Read chapter 2, “Dangers of Young Men,” to prepare for the retreat.

When: October 26th-28th (Friday to Sunday)

Who: Young men, 14-19 years of age

Cost: The whole weekend, including meals, is only $50! However, there are only 17 spots available, so get one while you still can!

Where: Bethesda Renewal Centre @ 253 Lowe Road in Ashton, 35 minutes west of Ottawa.

Contact Tim or Daniel Bloedow for registration and more info at or 613-496-0091. You can also find more info at

WAY-M 2012 Registration Form

ChristianGovernance reveals new logo

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

ChristianGovernance is very pleased to reveal our brand new logo. The change-over on our websites should be complete in the next few days

There is quite a bit to the imagery of this logo, so we want to explain what it represents.

First of all, you will see the three intersecting circles. That image represents sphere sovereignty, which we understand as the Biblical model for human social order. Self-government is not represented there, but parental government, church government and civil government are. Their spheres of authority intersect and none has the right to sit over any of the others, interposing itself between God and another divine institution as a false mediator. Christ is the only Mediator between God and man, both personally and institutionally in respect to the governments God has established for human existence.

You will also notice that the bottom circles have been stylized as a “C” and a “G” for ChristianGovernance.

Our new slogan is “A Worldview Compass.” We have been to blame in several ways for having people think that ChristianGovernance was a political organization. Our logo with Ottawa’s political skyline didn’t help! We in fact exist to teach and train people in Biblical worldview and apologetics – we always have been (though a lot of our commentary and analysis relates to politics because of how pervasive the civil government is in our lives and because the civil government is the lead idol in today’s pantheon of false gods). You will also note the compass inside the top circle. Just as a compass exists to help people set their course, and to keep them from getting lost, a Biblical worldview helps people set the direction and chart the course for their lives.

In the other two circles we have a cross and a Bible (as well as a sword which represents the Bible, the Sword of the Spirit. “Spiritas,” Latin for spirit, is written on the sword.). The two components of a Biblical worldview are the Law of God and the Lordship of Christ. Many Christians today struggle with right thinking about the law of God. We have not been taught for decades (even generations in some cases), the breadth of ethical wisdom that we can learn from the Bible. In most cases, this is because we have been taught that the Old Testament, which contains much of those ethics, was written for a previous era and has no binding authority in our lives. The very broad categories of the Ten Commandments are affirmed in principle, but that level of acceptance has done little to help Christians – modern, Western Christians anyway – to develop lives that are distinguishable from non-Christians in many respects. ChristianGovernance argues that the Bible as God’s Law-Word, in its particulars, has perpetual relevance and binding authority in the lives of Christians.

If God’s Law is hard to embrace as the source of wisdom for godly living, the Lordship of Christ is even more difficult. If Christ is Lord and King, then He is to be acknowledged; He is to receive tribute from men. This can’t simply be an academic concept that only requires theological assent. If Christ is Lord, He deserves worship from every facet of human life. If Christ is King, He demands homage from all men, individually and corporately. We must live as before the face of God in all that we do. We must be concerned about the daily, real-world implications of our relationship with God as well as what the Bible says about ethical behaviour between man and man. This means that we must have concern for the implications of the first four Commandments as well as the last 6. This means that civil magistrates – politicians, monarchs, judges, etc. – are obligated to visibly and verbally acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in their public service. Kingship means nothing if it is hidden. (Christ is not undercover in another man’s kingdom. He rose from the dead, and is seated at the right hand of God, reigning over His Church and His creation.) Christ warned that if we are ashamed of Him on earth, He will be ashamed of us before His Father in heaven.

A focus on Law without Lordship, turns Christianity into another form of Humanism, preoccupied with horizontal relationships – those between man and man – and ignoring the practical, tangible, comprehensive outworking of our vertical relationship; our relationship with God.

This focus on the Lordship of Christ is simultaneously a focus on Christ the Saviour. The only reason He can be our Saviour is because He defeated His enemies as the sin-bearer for His people; because He rose victorious from the grave as Conqueror, and now sits at the right hand of God as King. Recognition of the Lordship of Christ along with the Law of God reminds us that, as fundamental as God’s law is as the standard of justice, Christianity is not a works-based religion; it’s a religion built upon the Cornerstone of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ChristianGovernance, therefore, provides a vision of Biblical worldview which affirms both Law and Lordship – the abiding and living relevance of the Law of God AND the Lordship of Christ – for relevant and victorious Christian living; for the effective advancement of the Kingdom of God in history. This is what the cross and the Bible/sword represent in our logo. It is interesting to note that a sword is a cross-shaped image: a cross and a sword are two variants of the same essential image.

We want to thank Heather Morin of New Dimension Design for working with us through this process and for designing this excellent logo for us.

WAY Camp update

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

UPDATE: We have had to change the location where we’ll be swimming and possibly boating during this year’s WAY Camp. We will be using the beach at the Fitzroy Provincial Park, 5 minutes south-west from our Camp location. Click here for Google Earth shot.

WAY Camp – Training enthusiastic Christian leaders by building their confidence in Biblical religion

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

There is just over a month to go before the beginning of ChristianGovernance’s 2nd annual WAY Camp. We’re excited as we anticipate spending another week with motivated, teachable, enthusiastic future leaders who want to build depth to their Christian faith.

The theme of this year’s camp is the advancing kingdom of God in history. We have some great speakers who will be teaching about God’s work in this world from the beginning of history on into the future that God has planned for this world. We will be learning about the growth of the early church in Bible times. Much of that growth took place in the region of modern-day Turkey. The lecturer for that session is in Turkey right now leading a tour, so I am sure we will be treated to some fresh photographs to complement some excellent insight into that region in the days of the Apostles.

We will be learning about some of the phenomenal church growth that has been taking place in Asia in the midst of great persecution. The teacher of that session is recently back from a trip to the region with very fresh experience with that exciting part of God’s universal Church.

We will also be learning about how to deal with the serious challenges we face being faithful, advancing Christians in North America – in Canada – with the growing hostility we are experiencing to Christianity.

We will be learning more about our Christian faith by digging deeper into several aspects of God’s law. We will be learning how God’s law is the ony reasonable, just and gracious ethic for governing mankind. Many people around us mock God’s law, and condemn Christian ethics as uncivilized. But only God’s law can provide true justice to the oppressed and only God’s law can point us to Christ who fulfilled God’s law perfectly so that we might have eternal life and be liberated from our slavery to unkindness, selfishness, cruelty, slander and a guilty conscience.

We will also be learning about the nature of knowledge. How do we know what we know? That is an incredibly important question, especially in a day when atheists mock Christians for being irrational, and when most Christians undermine their faith because they don’t understand the relationship of faith and reason.

We will learn about the way God has revealed Himself to us, how He speaks to us. We will learn about the rationality or reasonableness of our faith. We will learn how Christianity was necessarily the foundation for serious scientific inquiry. We will see how atheism and humanism, today’s leading worldviews, are irrational and how they threaten sound science.

This teaching will strengthen our faith by giving us Biblical spiritual resources for speaking more confidently with people about God and the Christian faith.

We will also look at what God’s Word says about the future of the Kingdom of God. History will not end with us. We have to learn and be trained, not simply for the sake of our own contribution to God’s Kingdom, but also to enable us to teach the next generation. This is a huge, and amazing, venture that God has called us to share with Him. We need to have a clear vision for the future. So, along with teaching about the future of God’s Kingdom, we will be receiving important teaching on leadership and on life purpose planning.

What a great time for young men and women to be thinking about the purpose of their lives – before they’ve chosen a vocational stream in school, before they’ve found their life-time marriage partner.

What a great time to learn foundational truths about leadership and the responsibility of influence that God has called each of us to.exercise. By the age of 14, young people should already be thinking of themselves as adults, as young men and women, and they should be enthusiastic about taking on the responsibilities of adulthood.

We think that most youth are excited about taking on the responsibilities of adulthood, but they are stifled by the world’s conspiracy of low expectations. And they are not mentored by people who have confidence in their abilities to move into adulthood. But we have great expectations for these young men and women and their desire and capacity to learn about God and their faith in an intensive week of worldview, apologetics and leadership studies.

And there will be a lot of outdoor fun and games as well. We’re camping outdoors all week. We’ll be working together to cook up a storm for a couple of meals. There will be time for tennis, basketball, hiking and swimming as well as other activities. There’s a boat launch to the Ottawa River as well. We don’t have a boat, but if any of our campers are able to bring boats then, with the necessary supervision, we will have some fun boating as well.

Visit our website to learn more about this year’s WAY Camp. Download your registration form and get it into us ASAP with your payment to reserve your spot at the camp. Give us a call or email if you have any questions about the camp: or 613-496-0091.

Reserve your spot at our summer Biblical Worldview youth camp

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

The countdown is on for ChristianGovernance’s 2nd annual biblical worldview, apologetics and leadership camp.

What a mouthful is that!

That’s why we call it WAY Camp.

The Way is also another name for Christians (Acts 19:9).

Check out our website for all the details.

This year’s camp is packed full of serious teaching again that will help Christians (15-19 years of age) gird up their minds to serve God intelligently, passionately and effectively.

That means teaching that will transform your life and teaching that will help you transform other people’s lives.

OK, we know it’s God who transforms other people’s lives. But he uses you and me to do that if we’re usable.


This year, along with an intense lecture schedule, we are planning a lot more physical experiences and leadership oriented activities. After all, this year’s WAY Camp is going to be a mostly outdoor experience. Unless the weather is completely uncooperative, you’ll be sleeping in tents, under the stars. We’ll be preparing some of our meals over open fire and we’ll have access to the Ottawa River for some boating and swimming. There’s a tennis court. Hiking paths. And much more …

All this for the super low price of $250.

Check out our location here. 20 acres of bush overlooking the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Mountains.

We’re meeting a full month earlier than last year on the recommendation of youth and others. They said it would be better to have the camp at the beginning of the summer rather than in the middle, when it’s more likely to interfere with summer job schedules.

Can you show how Humanism is not value-neutral and is therefore not the superior foundation for science that Humanists think it is?

Did you know that Christ is building His Church in amazing ways around the world even thought it’s tough going in Canada and the U.S. right now?

Do you know what you believe – and why? Do you know what your non-Christian friends believe – and why? Can you respectfully reveal the flaws in logic in non-Christian thinking while demonstrating the rationality of Christian faith? Do you know the essential components of genuine leadership?

Are you ready to be a leader/influencer among those people God has brought into your life? Everyone is either an influencer or influenced. Would you like to more often be the influencer – for the Kingdom of God?

How well do you understand this dangerous and exciting Kingdom into which God has placed you? This Kingdom of which you are to be an active, victorious citizen?

Do you want greater clarity about God’s plan for your life, and the importance of a Kingdom vision for understanding God’s plans for you?

If you want to grow in wisdom and knowledge and experience in any of these – and many other areas – then this camp is for you. You will leave the camp more confident about your walk with God, and more prepared to serve Him in the various relationships of your life.

You can print off a brochure and a registration form from our website, You can also print off a schedule from the website. Please email us if you have any questions about this year’s WAY Camp: .

WAY Camp 2012 – June 18-22

Monday, March 5th, 2012

This year’s WAY Camp is scheduled for exactly one month earlier than last year’s camp – June 18-22.

Planning is well underway. The location for this year has been confirmed. So have all the speakers. We have not yet finalized the price.

We are updating the website as we go along. We will make an announcement when the whole site has been updated with this year’s info. Right now you can find out where this year’s location is by checking out our “Where & When” page.

Most of our speakers are the same as last year’s because last year’s campers praised them highly as excellent teachers, and they were graciously willing to speak again this year. We still have to add a bio. and picture for one new speaker, and then the “Speakers” page will be complete.

If you haven’t yet checked them out or downloaded them for future listening, you can visit our “2011 camp lectures” page for most of the lectures given at last year’s camp.

Stay tuned for more…

Almost all our 2011 lectures are now online here

Friday, January 13th, 2012

You can now listen to almost all the lectures that were given at our 2011 Biblical worldview and apologetics youth camp [WAY Camp] last summer. Many more of the lectures have been added in the past few weeks.

Click the “2011 Camp lectures” button in the menu above to get to the page where the lectures are posted.

First WAY CAMP lecture posted on website

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Click here to listen to an excellent lecture on leadership given by Brian Brodie at ChristianGovernance’s 1st annual WAY Camp. Our WAY Camp was held in Gatineau, Quebec earlier this summer. Brian Brodie is a ruling elder at the Hudson Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quebec.

Our worldview, apologetics and leadership youth camp was a great success, providing very important and appreciated ministry to the hearts and minds and relationships of those young men and women who attended. We are already enthusiastically looking forward to next year, with planning for a 2nd annual WAY Camp. Thank you to all the excellent teachers who ministered at this year’s camp.

More lectures will be posted on our WAY Camp website in the weeks ahead. We are also preparing a DVD of the lectures. Funds raised by this product will support ChristianGovernance and help to offset costs for next year’s camp.

We hope you will benefit – just as our campers did – from the lectures posted here. We welcome your feedback at

If you want a reminder of the topics of all the sessions, please check out the camp schedule again here.