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Reserve your spot at our summer Biblical Worldview youth camp

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

The countdown is on for ChristianGovernance’s 2nd annual biblical worldview, apologetics and leadership camp.

What a mouthful is that!

That’s why we call it WAY Camp.

The Way is also another name for Christians (Acts 19:9).

Check out our website for all the details.

This year’s camp is packed full of serious teaching again that will help Christians (15-19 years of age) gird up their minds to serve God intelligently, passionately and effectively.

That means teaching that will transform your life and teaching that will help you transform other people’s lives.

OK, we know it’s God who transforms other people’s lives. But he uses you and me to do that if we’re usable.


This year, along with an intense lecture schedule, we are planning a lot more physical experiences and leadership oriented activities. After all, this year’s WAY Camp is going to be a mostly outdoor experience. Unless the weather is completely uncooperative, you’ll be sleeping in tents, under the stars. We’ll be preparing some of our meals over open fire and we’ll have access to the Ottawa River for some boating and swimming. There’s a tennis court. Hiking paths. And much more …

All this for the super low price of $250.

Check out our location here. 20 acres of bush overlooking the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Mountains.

We’re meeting a full month earlier than last year on the recommendation of youth and others. They said it would be better to have the camp at the beginning of the summer rather than in the middle, when it’s more likely to interfere with summer job schedules.

Can you show how Humanism is not value-neutral and is therefore not the superior foundation for science that Humanists think it is?

Did you know that Christ is building His Church in amazing ways around the world even thought it’s tough going in Canada and the U.S. right now?

Do you know what you believe – and why? Do you know what your non-Christian friends believe – and why? Can you respectfully reveal the flaws in logic in non-Christian thinking while demonstrating the rationality of Christian faith? Do you know the essential components of genuine leadership?

Are you ready to be a leader/influencer among those people God has brought into your life? Everyone is either an influencer or influenced. Would you like to more often be the influencer – for the Kingdom of God?

How well do you understand this dangerous and exciting Kingdom into which God has placed you? This Kingdom of which you are to be an active, victorious citizen?

Do you want greater clarity about God’s plan for your life, and the importance of a Kingdom vision for understanding God’s plans for you?

If you want to grow in wisdom and knowledge and experience in any of these – and many other areas – then this camp is for you. You will leave the camp more confident about your walk with God, and more prepared to serve Him in the various relationships of your life.

You can print off a brochure and a registration form from our website, You can also print off a schedule from the website. Please email us if you have any questions about this year’s WAY Camp: .