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WAY Camp 2012 – June 18-22

Monday, March 5th, 2012

This year’s WAY Camp is scheduled for exactly one month earlier than last year’s camp – June 18-22.

Planning is well underway. The location for this year has been confirmed. So have all the speakers. We have not yet finalized the price.

We are updating the website as we go along. We will make an announcement when the whole site has been updated with this year’s info. Right now you can find out where this year’s location is by checking out our “Where & When” page.

Most of our speakers are the same as last year’s because last year’s campers praised them highly as excellent teachers, and they were graciously willing to speak again this year. We still have to add a bio. and picture for one new speaker, and then the “Speakers” page will be complete.

If you haven’t yet checked them out or downloaded them for future listening, you can visit our “2011 camp lectures” page for most of the lectures given at last year’s camp.

Stay tuned for more…