WAY Camp 2014 is approaching fast

ChristianGovernance’s best WAY Camp yet is coming soon on June 23rd-27th

We now have to turn our attention to planning for this year’s WAY Camp. It is going to be another amazing experience of learning, discipleship, spiritual, intellectual and biblical growth and maturity for those youth 15-19 years of age who attend.

An emphasis this year will be economics and business. We have an exciting speaker coming from Alabama, a very successful Christian businessman, who self-consciously seeks to apply biblical truth in all the business endeavours he’s involved in. As well as his own business ventures, he is also actively engaged in mentoring and discipling others, including young people, in starting businesses. He will be giving four lectures on the dominion mandate, the economic mandate, the necessity mandate and the profit mandate.

He will also be available for one-on-one meetings with anybody who has a serious business idea that they might want help to launch. He has developed an effective model for business partnership to help new entrepreneurs to start up under the direct oversight of experienced mentors. This is going to be an exciting component of this year’s WAY Camp.

We also have favourite creation science teacher, Calvin Smith, coming up again for our regular component on creation apologetics. Brian Murray is coming back to help us learn more about the relevance and justice of God’s law in the way we order our daily lives.

We also plan to have several sessions on relationships and communication, biblical counseling themes that were popular last year. We also hope to round out the week, as we did last year, with a practical evangelism component.

WAY Camp is the same week this year as it was last year – June 23rd-27th. The cost will be $300. All food and fun provided. Mark off June 23rd–27th on your calendar, and register your teen for an unforgettable week at the beginning of their summer this year.

More details to follow. Contact us for more information: lynette@christiangovernance.com or 613-518-7191.

What’s happening at WAY Camp 2013?

What’s happening at WAY Camp 2013? What are you going to learn this year?

This year’s training will include some core apologetics and creation apologetics sessions. These are modules of the training that we include every year, but this year we have different teachers providing this material.

Jojo Ruba – all the way from Alberta – will be teaching two core apologetics lectures. Jojo recently founded a new Canadian apologetics organization (see his bio on our “Meet the Experts” page), and he used to work full time in pro-life apologetics.

We have a chemistry professor from Quebec providing a 4-part origins science series. He has developed his own origins presentation which has proven very popular in churches and other venues. We are looking forward to his unique presentation at WAY Camp 2013.

And back by popular demand is Pastor/Professor Brian Murray whose presentations and discussions on the 10 Commandments have been very well received. God’s law is foundational to Biblical worldview.

Mr. Murray has an excellent way of helping the students work with the different commandments to understand what they mean, and to explore some of the many, many ways they must be applied in our lives to enable us to live in obedience to God’s law. This year, he will explore a single commandment over the course of 3 lectures. In previous years, students found that one lecture per commandment didn’t give them enough time to adequately explore the implications of  each commandment.

This year, we are also going to provide a worldview focus on relationships. The Bible has so much to say about communication and conflict resolution and every other aspect of relationships, but so many Christians bumble along with much misery in these areas because we don’t realize how much truth God has given us help us with our relationships. And relationships are so foundational to every aspect of our lives: family life, church life, business and ministry.

We have a certified Biblical counselor, Ron Harris, joining us to teach four sessions on some of the most important principles for building strong and healthy relationships.

We are also looking forward to Brian Brodie joining us to provide wisdom on leadership. He has been a church elder for decades, sometimes in very difficult situations. He. Is a strong believer in the importance of discipling men for leadership, and he has a proven track record in this respect. His teaching on leadership two years ago, at our first, WAY Camp, was very well received.

And finally, we are eager to welcome Pastor Tony Zekveld, a church planter in Toronto with a multicultural church that works primarily with the Pakistani community. Pastor Zekveld is going to lead us in a practical ministry component of this year’s camp. Stay tuned for more details on this. It may involve going into Ottawa for some ministry, or it may involve role-playing and other activities at the camp, or it might involve going into one of the smaller towns nearby.  We will give you more details as they become available.

If you want to know how we are getting all this and more into only one week of camp, check out our schedule on our Registration page.

Check out the rest of the website, to learn more about the camp. The schedule is on the Registration page. You can find out more about the location. You can contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s WAY Camp. Don’t delay. Download the Registration page, talk to your parents, and sign up today!

What we taught the young men at the 2012 WAY-M young men’s retreat

Please click on the links here to see what we taught this year at ChristianGovernance’s WAY-M young men’s retreat.

Regarding these teaching notes, Check against Delivery, to use a media term. What’s contained here is largely what was presented at the retreat. They are notes, however, and Tim Bloedow presented the material in a discussion format, so they are not a precise transcription of exactly what was said. If you are interested in more information or want any clarification of what was discussed, please contact us at info@christiangovernance.ca or at 613-496-0091.

Our teaching was from Dangers to Young Men, a chapter in J.C. Ryle’s book, Thoughts for Young Men: Addressing the Greatest Challenges in a Young Man’s Life. We considered four of the five dangers raised by Ryle. “Thoughtlessness” was discussed as the Saturday morning devotional. The other three were full 1.5 hour studies.

Teaching notes for WAY-M 2012

Teaching notes for WAY-M 2012 – Student version

Schedule for young men’s WAY-M retreat – Oct. 26-28


Friday, Oct 26th

5:45pm – registration
6:15 – eat
6:45 – session 1 – Pride
8:15 – break
8:30 – games
11:00 – lights out


7:30am – get up, devotions and breakfast
8:30 – group devotional – Thoughtlessness
9:00 – break
9:15 – session 2 – Love of pleasure
10:45 – break
11:00 – martial arts/self-defense
12:30 – lunch
1:15 – service ministry: helping the Bethesda Renewal Centre prepare for the winter (bring work clothes and work gloves – gloves can be provided)
3:45 – sports
5:15 – supper
6:00 – session 3 – Fear of man’s opinion
7:30 – break
8:00 – movie
11:00 – lights out


7:45am – get up
8:15 – breakfast
8:45 – pack up
9:30 – leave for church

Upcoming October young men’s weekend retreat – Info and Registration form

WAY-M Retreat Flyer 2012

WAY-M 2012 Registration Form

WAY-M Retreat

1st Annual Young Men’s Retreat

Dangers in Young Men’s Lives

Christianity is a Battle.

We all have a race to run, a battle to fight, a heart to humble, a world to overcome, a body to keep under control, a devil to resist. To be a champion, you have to successfully defeat your enemies. Your enemies need to know that you mean business as you battle them; that you’re not going make peace with them; that your goal is victory, and nothing less.

Four of the greatest enemies faced by young men are pride, the love of pleasure, thoughtlessness and the fear of man’s opinion. Bible teacher J.C. Ryle discusses these enemies as “Dangers of Young Men.”

We will be using his book as our guide as we study them: we will learn to understand these enemies better, and how they attack; examine our vulnerabilities to these adversaries, and how to guard ourselves against their assaults; and how to conquer them.

Ryle’s book, Thoughts for Young Men, is available online: http://thoughtsforyoungmen.com/. Read chapter 2, “Dangers of Young Men,” to prepare for the retreat.

When: October 26th-28th (Friday to Sunday)

Who: Young men, 14-19 years of age

Cost: The whole weekend, including meals, is only $50! However, there are only 17 spots available, so get one while you still can!

Where: Bethesda Renewal Centre @ 253 Lowe Road in Ashton, 35 minutes west of Ottawa.

Contact Tim or Daniel Bloedow for registration and more info at db.christiangovernance.adm@gmail.com or 613-496-0091. You can also find more info at https://www.facebook.com/CG.WAY.M.

WAY-M 2012 Registration Form

Upcoming October young ladies’ weekend retreat – Info and Registration form

WAY-L 2012 Brochure

WAY-L 2012 Registration form

WAY-L Retreat

2nd Annual Young Ladies Retreat

“Danger Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship”

October 19th-21st 2012

Join us ….

As we navigate the waters of serious relationships.
Learn to spot the



Sign Up Today!

$50 before September 30th 2012

$60 after September 30th 2012


Lou Priolo – educates us in his audio message:

“Danger Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship”

  • PANEL DISCUSSIONS…by Titus 2 Women
  • How to apply MAKE-UP
  • Colour Analysis Pt 2

Location: AngelRock Cottages, 34311 NYS Rte 12E, Cape Vincent, NY
Contact Lynette Bloedow at info@christiangovernance.ca or 613-496-0091 for more info.

WAY-L 2012 Registration form

ChristianGovernance reveals new logo

ChristianGovernance is very pleased to reveal our brand new logo. The change-over on our websites should be complete in the next few days

There is quite a bit to the imagery of this logo, so we want to explain what it represents.

First of all, you will see the three intersecting circles. That image represents sphere sovereignty, which we understand as the Biblical model for human social order. Self-government is not represented there, but parental government, church government and civil government are. Their spheres of authority intersect and none has the right to sit over any of the others, interposing itself between God and another divine institution as a false mediator. Christ is the only Mediator between God and man, both personally and institutionally in respect to the governments God has established for human existence.

You will also notice that the bottom circles have been stylized as a “C” and a “G” for ChristianGovernance.

Our new slogan is “A Worldview Compass.” We have been to blame in several ways for having people think that ChristianGovernance was a political organization. Our logo with Ottawa’s political skyline didn’t help! We in fact exist to teach and train people in Biblical worldview and apologetics – we always have been (though a lot of our commentary and analysis relates to politics because of how pervasive the civil government is in our lives and because the civil government is the lead idol in today’s pantheon of false gods). You will also note the compass inside the top circle. Just as a compass exists to help people set their course, and to keep them from getting lost, a Biblical worldview helps people set the direction and chart the course for their lives.

In the other two circles we have a cross and a Bible (as well as a sword which represents the Bible, the Sword of the Spirit. “Spiritas,” Latin for spirit, is written on the sword.). The two components of a Biblical worldview are the Law of God and the Lordship of Christ. Many Christians today struggle with right thinking about the law of God. We have not been taught for decades (even generations in some cases), the breadth of ethical wisdom that we can learn from the Bible. In most cases, this is because we have been taught that the Old Testament, which contains much of those ethics, was written for a previous era and has no binding authority in our lives. The very broad categories of the Ten Commandments are affirmed in principle, but that level of acceptance has done little to help Christians – modern, Western Christians anyway – to develop lives that are distinguishable from non-Christians in many respects. ChristianGovernance argues that the Bible as God’s Law-Word, in its particulars, has perpetual relevance and binding authority in the lives of Christians.

If God’s Law is hard to embrace as the source of wisdom for godly living, the Lordship of Christ is even more difficult. If Christ is Lord and King, then He is to be acknowledged; He is to receive tribute from men. This can’t simply be an academic concept that only requires theological assent. If Christ is Lord, He deserves worship from every facet of human life. If Christ is King, He demands homage from all men, individually and corporately. We must live as before the face of God in all that we do. We must be concerned about the daily, real-world implications of our relationship with God as well as what the Bible says about ethical behaviour between man and man. This means that we must have concern for the implications of the first four Commandments as well as the last 6. This means that civil magistrates – politicians, monarchs, judges, etc. – are obligated to visibly and verbally acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in their public service. Kingship means nothing if it is hidden. (Christ is not undercover in another man’s kingdom. He rose from the dead, and is seated at the right hand of God, reigning over His Church and His creation.) Christ warned that if we are ashamed of Him on earth, He will be ashamed of us before His Father in heaven.

A focus on Law without Lordship, turns Christianity into another form of Humanism, preoccupied with horizontal relationships – those between man and man – and ignoring the practical, tangible, comprehensive outworking of our vertical relationship; our relationship with God.

This focus on the Lordship of Christ is simultaneously a focus on Christ the Saviour. The only reason He can be our Saviour is because He defeated His enemies as the sin-bearer for His people; because He rose victorious from the grave as Conqueror, and now sits at the right hand of God as King. Recognition of the Lordship of Christ along with the Law of God reminds us that, as fundamental as God’s law is as the standard of justice, Christianity is not a works-based religion; it’s a religion built upon the Cornerstone of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ChristianGovernance, therefore, provides a vision of Biblical worldview which affirms both Law and Lordship – the abiding and living relevance of the Law of God AND the Lordship of Christ – for relevant and victorious Christian living; for the effective advancement of the Kingdom of God in history. This is what the cross and the Bible/sword represent in our logo. It is interesting to note that a sword is a cross-shaped image: a cross and a sword are two variants of the same essential image.

We want to thank Heather Morin of New Dimension Design for working with us through this process and for designing this excellent logo for us.

WAY Camp 2013 plans well underway

ChristianGovernance eletter – August 20, 2012
We have been busy over the last couple of months at ChristianGovernance. As you know, we are about to release our first book, Leaving God Behind, by Michael Wagner. Your window is quickly closing for taking advantage of our pre-publication offer of $14 – $6 off the regular price. Contact us at info@christiangovernance.ca or 613-496-0091 to order your discounted copy/ies.
We have been finalizing details for a guys retreat and a young ladies retreat for those aged 14-19. The ladies retreat is scheduled for Oct. 19-21, the guys retreat for Oct. 26-28. These retreats are part of our Worldview and Apologetics Youth – WAY – ministry, which is anchored by our annual Eastern Ontario WAY Camp.

The ladies will be looking at over 20 danger signs of marrying the wrong guy. This will be based on teaching by a nouthetic counsellor. Nouthetic counselling is an explicitly Biblical model of counselling. Their retreat will be held in upstate New York. The men will be looking at three dangers to young men from J.C. Ryle’s short book, Thoughts for Young Men. One of his chapters deals with five dangers to young men – pride, the love of pleasure, thoughtlessness, contempt of Christianity and the fear of man’s opinion. We will be looking at three of them. Their retreat will be held in Eastern Ontario, west of Ottawa. Stay tuned for more details.

WAY Camp 2013

We have finalized our speakers and schedule for next year’s WAY Camp. The focus of next year’s worldview, apologetics and leadership camp will be personal development and leadership. Christianity is a worldview and the Bible tells us that it is sufficient for life and godliness. One area that we should, therefore, recognize as being addressed sufficiently by Scripture is that of the soul. Remarkably, however, in recent decades Christians have turned to all kinds of heathen sources for help in the areas of counselling and psychiatry. We have engaged in a great deal of synchretism because we haven’t been taught what the Bible says about many of the soul – heart, mind, emotional, conscience – problems we face today.

It is very important, therefore, for worldview minded Christians to receive explicitly Biblical teaching on how to deal with problems of the soul, which are also invariably manifested as relationship problems. At next year’s camp, several lectures will be given by Ron Harris on such issues, including communication, conflict resolution and pre-marital preparation from a nouthetic framework. If you want your son or daughter to be an honourable Christian in the way he or she treats the opposite sex, you want him/her discipled within a nouthetic framework. We also have Brian Brodie scheduled to teach on leadership. The young people appreciated his teaching on this topic at our first annual WAY Camp in 2011.

We also have a special 4-lecture series scheduled for next year on creation apologetics. The lecturer is a Chemistry professor, Joel Robichaud, from Quebec who has put together this series, which he delivers on his own time – obviously! – to churches and other audiences. Two other apologetics lectures will be given by Jojo Ruba, who recently left his ministry of pro-life apologetics with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform to begin an apologetics ministry, Faith Beyond Belief, to teach and train Evangelical Christians in the reasonable defense of their faith.

Brian Murray will be returning by popular demand to provide more teaching on the 10 Commandments. The campers love digging into the meaning and the comprehensive implications of the Commandments with Brian. Previously, he has talked about three of the commandments each year, one per lecture. This year, the participants said that they didn’t have enough time to really get into the significance of the commandments. Next year, he will be teaching on a single commandment over all three of his lectures. Praise God for young men and women who love the Gospel AND God’s law. There are only three options in life: anarchy, legalism or God’s law applied in the context of the Gospel. We love God’s law.

Finally, we have Pastor Tony Zekveld scheduled to join us to teach and lead a practical evangelism component at the camp. We are still working out the details as to what this will look like, so stay tuned.

WAY Camp 2012 recommended reading list from Pastor John McFarland

Dear Tim & WAY Camp heroes:

Well, you asked! Here are A FEW of the great books which may transform your “view of the world.” Of course, give me another day and I might add ten more. Start here … especially with two by Pearcey [How Now …? … & Total Truth] because of her own reading lists at the back of each book. Blessings in the Source of all wisdom,

John McF.

~ ~ ~

Behe, Michael.  Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD re. intelligent design).

Blamires, Harry.  The Christian Mind.  Servant, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1978.

Boa & Burnett.  Wisdom At Work:  A Biblical Approach to the Workplace.  NavPress, CO Springs. 2000.

Calvin, John.  Institutes of the Christian Religion.  Still influential “systematic theology” based on Apostles’ Creed.

Carson, D. A.  Christ & Culture Revisited.

Clark, Gordon H.  Thales to Dewey: A History of Philosophy ~ an entertaining/enlightening survey of world’s great thought.  Trinity Foundation; Jefferson, Maryland. 1957.

Coleman, Robert.  The Master Plan of Evangelism.

Colson, Charles; Fickett; H.  The Faith, Given Once, For All:  What Christians Believe, Why …, & Why It Matters.

Colson, Charles; Pearcey, Nancy.  How Now Shall We Live?  Tyndale House ~ Wheaton, IL. 1999. Note esp. the 15 pages of recommended book titles at the back!

The Fundamentals. Classic 1915 set of 90 articles by conservative “evangelical” scholars vs. liberalism.

Gerstner, John.  Reasons for Faith.

Groothius, Douglas.  Jesus In An Age of Controversy.

Heritage.  Indivisible: Social & Economic Foundations of American Liberty (The Heritage Foundation).

Heritage.  Seek Social Justice (DVD series by Heritage Foundation).

Johnson, Phillip E.  Darwin On Trial.  IVP. “Evolution is based on faith … in philosophical naturalism.”

Julian, Ron.  Righteous Sinners.

Kennedy, D. James.  What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?

Kuyper, Abraham.  Creating a Christian Worldview:  Kuyper’s Lectures on Calvinism. Heslam. Eerdmans, GR, MI. 1998.

Lane, Tony.  Exploring Christian Thought.  Nelson, Nashville, TN. 1984. Nelson’s Christian Cornerstone Series.

Leithart, Peter J.  The Kingdom & the Power: Rediscovering the Centrality of the Church.  Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 1993.

Lewis, C. S.  Mere Christianity.  Many published varieties today. 1943. “Mere” here = basic creedal.

Lindsell, Harold.  The Battle for the Bible (conservative view of inerrancy controversy).  Zondervan, 1978.

Little, Paul.  How To Give Away Your Faith & Know Why You Believe.

Lundgaard, Kris.  The Enemy Within:  Straight Talk about the Power & Defeat of Sin.

Machen, J. Gresham.  Christian Faith in the Modern World (J. Gresham Machen).

Machen, J. Gresham.  The Christian View of Man.  The Banner of Truth Trust, London. 1937.

Machen, J. Gresham.  Christianity & Liberalism.  Early 20th Century classic comparison of two religions.

Marsden, George M.  Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship.  Oxford University Press, New York, NY. 1994.

Meyer, Stephen.  Icons of Evolution (DVD re. intelligent design).

Moreland, J. P.  Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul.  NavPress. Moreland gives 30+ pages of recommended books, resources for intellectual life and integration.

Murray, Iain.  The Puritan Hope.

Needham, N. R.  Two Thousand Years of Christ’s Power.  3-volume history of the growth of Christianity.

Noll, Mark.  The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.  IVP, Downers Grove, Illinois. 1994.

NRA.  Explicitly Christian Politics:  The Vision of the National Reform Association. Edited by William Einwechter. The Christian Statesman Press, Pittsburgh, PA. 1997.

Packer, J. I.  Knowing God.

Pearcey, Nancy.  Of Pandas & People (concerning intelligent design).

Pearcey, Nancy.  The Soul of Science:  Christian Faith & Natural Philosophy.

Pearcey, Nancy.  Total Truth:  Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity (“… razor-sharp analysis of the public/private split … how it hamstrings our efforts at personal & cultural renewal … reflecting a division in the concept of truth itself, which functions as a gatekeeper, ruling Xian principles out of bounds in public. How to unify our fragmented lives and recover spiritual power? Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity. Practical, hands-on steps for crafting a full-orbed Christian worldview”). At the end of her book, Pearcey provides a thorough “worldview reading list” by categories.

Perspectives on The World Christian Movement (a book of readings that goes with this one-quarter missions series).

Piper, John.  Desiring God.

Richardson, Don.  Eternity In Their Hearts (Don Richardson).

Ryken, Leland; Shaw, Harold.  The Liberated Imagination:  Thinking Christianly About Arts.  Wheaton, IL. 1989.

Ryken, Leland.  Redeeming Time:  A Christian Approach to Work & Leisure.  Baker, Grand Rapids, MI. 1995.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  A Christian Manifesto (“A call for Christians to change the course of history ~ by returning to Biblical Truth and by allowing Christ to be Lord in all of life”).  Crossway Books, Westchester, Illinois. 1981.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  The Church Before the Watching World:  A Practical Ecclesiology. IVP. 1971.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  Death In The City (“How should we look at this post-Christian world & function as Christians in it?”).  1969.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  The God Who Is There:  Speaking Historic Christianity Into the 20th Century.  IVP. 1968.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  How Should We Then Live?  A “near prophetic” look at Western culture & where it is heading.

Schaeffer, Francis A.  True Spirituality.

Schmidt, Alvin.  How Christianity Changed the World (old title = Under the Influence ~ How Christianity Transformed Civilization).

Scholes, Alan Kent.  What Christianity Is All About: How You Can Know & Enjoy God.  Summary of doctrine.

Sire, James.  The Universe Next Door.

Smith, G. S. (editor).  God & Politics:  Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government.  P&R, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 1989.

Sproul, R. C.  Choosing My Religion (R. C. Sproul).

Sproul, R. C.  The Consequences of Ideas (Understanding the Concepts that Shaped our World).  Ligonier.

Sproul, R. C.  Essential Truths of the Christian Faith.  Brief summary of 100 key Christian doctrines.

Sproul, R. C.  The Holiness of God.

Stark, Rodney.  The Rise of Christianity.

Stark, Rodney.  The Victory of Reason:  How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, & Western Success.

Stein, Ben.  Expelled (a movie/documentary re. I-D by & starring Stein).

Symington, William.  Messiah the Prince.  Covenanter perspective on the mediatorial dominion of Christ & civil gov’t.

Summit.  Understanding The Times (Summit Ministries on “isms”).

Tackett, Del.  Focus On The Family’s “The Truth Project” DVD series on worldview.

Veith, Gene Edward.  Postmodern Times: Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought & Culture.  Crossway, Wheaton, IL. 1994.

Veritas Forum:  On-line collection of 1,000+ university-level talks commending Christian/Biblical worldviews.

Wells, David F.  The Courage to be Protestant ~ Truth-lovers, Marketers, & Emergents in the Postmodern World (Eerdmans, 2008).

Wells, David F.  Above All Earthly Pow’rs ~ Christ in a Postmodern World (Eerdmans, 2004).

Wells, David F.  Christian Faith & Practice in the Modern World ~ Theology from an Evangelical Point of View (Eerdmans, 1998).

Wells, David F.  God in the Wasteland ~ The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams (Eerdmans, 1995).

Wells, David F.  No Place for Truth, or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology? (Eerdmans & IVP, 1993).

Wilson, Doug; Hitchens, Christopher.  Collision (DVD documentary, debate between atheist & Christian).

Wolters, Al.  Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for Reformational Worldview.  Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1985.

World Magazine.

WAY Camp 2012’s fantastic success – Transforming hearts and minds

Wow, what an amazing time we had again at WAY Camp this year – ChristianGovernance’s 2nd annual Worldview, Apologetics and Leadership Youth Camp.

It’s incredible how much fun and learning and friendship you can have in a week among 8 young adults and a few leaders and teachers…

- when those young men and women are motivated to know God more and to dig deeper into the truths of God and His Kingdom;

- when you have excellent teachers who challenge these young adults, feeding them vital truths and expecting great things from them;

- when you have activities and participation that encourage these young men and women to strengthen healthy and valuable relationships;

- when Christians are praying for God to bless such an event and to raise up leadership for His Kingdom in the next generation;

- when God is moving by His Spirit in the lives of His people.

We hope soon to bring you additional post-camp reporting from the mouths of the campers themselves.

We were able to record most of the lectures so we hope to have them posted soon as well. Unfortunately, you had to be there in person to hear the lecture about the powerful advancement of the Kingdom of God in a key nation of this world, and the way in which the relentless advance of the Kingdom of God is overpowering the kingdom of darkness in this country. What a testimony to the invincible power of God! His dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the land (Psalm 72:8).

Also, we will only be posting excerpts from the two lectures by Calvin Smith of Creation Ministries International (CMI). You had to be there in person to benefit from the complete messages on critical thinking around origins and on the Biblical teaching on race. There is only one human race. The evolutionary notion of multiple human races fuels racist bigotry.

We have so many people to thank for making this WAY Camp week such a success. In order to keep costs down, and to provide a different experience, we decided to make it a camping week. And I can assure you that my wife and I are not campers! And although the camp was a month earlier this year, we still picked a week that included a 3-day heat wave. Thankfully this year we had access to water – the Ottawa River (upstream from Ottawa!), and we made use of it on each of those three days.

We are most grateful for the use of my father’s rural property, 20 acres of mostly forest where I was raised. A friend from church who can build just about anything built us an outdoor shower stall at very short notice. Another very generous friend prepared and donated lunch for the campers, bringing it fresh to camp each day. Actually she was prepared to bring lunch each day, but she provided so much the first day that we had to ask her to skip a day. Families of the campers as well as other friends and family provided additional camping gear and valuable tips to make our camping experience much more enjoyable, especially when it came to sleeping. It rained heavily over us for a full hour the first night we were there. We also had to seek protection from a heavy thunderstorm on our last evening.

We are grateful to our church for the use of various resources such as tables and chairs, and for its donation to cover the cost of the creation pacs provided by CMI. I am very thankful that my employer supports charitable and non-profit work by making a week available for service like this. We are also grateful for those who made a special donation to ChristianGovernance at this time when additional finances were needed in this vital work of building powerful truth into the lives of future leaders in God’s Kingdom.

This year we asked each of the campers and some of the speakers to share a few minutes of testimony about God’s work in their lives, whether related to their conversion or some other aspect of His work with them. We really appreciate the willingness of each person to share from their lives. As brief as this time was, we believe that it was a valuable contribution to the camp experience to hear how God was moving in their lives and how they understood His working with them.

Last but not least, we are so thankful for the fantastic speakers God sent us this year. Rev. Brian Murray from Grace Presbyterian Church in Woodstock came back again this year to flesh out the implications of God’s law for us. This year he lectured on the First Commandment (You shall have no other gods before me), the Eighth (You shall not steal) and the Tenth (You shall not covet). His lectures generated a lot of discussion because the young men and women at the camp were eager to know how God calls us to live. Steve Zink, associate pastor at the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church, joined us again this year for several lectures. He provided some core apologetics teaching on the doctrine of justification as well as on the source of knowledge and how God gave us His authoritative Scriptures.

Our theme for the week was the Kingdom of God and its advancement through history. Steve Zink talked about the theology of the Kingdom and also taught about the future of the Kingdom. Pastor John McFarland, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor who joined us from Kansas, taught about the impact of Christianity on science. This and Calvin Smith’s talks included reference to the beginning of history, and the earliest days of the Kingdom of God in the lives of men.

Pastor McFarland had a great ministry among us, also teaching more generally on the impact of Christianity and the Kingdom of God on culture. He demonstrated the civilizing – just and merciful – impact of the Kingdom of God in history. He focussed particularly on the impact of Biblical thinking on the behaviour and attitude of men towards children, both born and unborn. He also gave us a window into the mighty work of God in a particular nation on earth during more recent history.

Professor Edmund Bloedow (my father) gave us a very detailed biographical sketch of the apostle Paul and his era, which was the “fullness of time” when Jesus Christ came to accomplish redemption for His people. He demonstrated how significant the human factors were in making the apostle Paul the man he was for advancing the Kingdom of God in his day. He also talked about the significance of key aspects of Middle Eastern reality at that time – “the fullness of time.”

We were saddened that Brian Brodie was not able to join us again this year as one of our teachers due to last minute health problems. We rejoice with him that he is now on the other side of that ailment.

One of the primary goals – perhaps goal #1 – is to teach Christian young adults HOW TO think, not simply WHAT TO think. Most of today’s churched young adults are floundering in their faith, if not walking away altogether. Many of those who remain in the Church live superficial lives because older adults are afraid to entrust them with the ability to think; to wrestle with ideas and beliefs. Young people are mostly not taught WHY we believe what we believe and why we don’t believe other things.

Our teachers this year again helped us to fulfill this goal powerfully. We were led in honest discussion about the human dynamics in the development of our Scriptures without fear that this introduces error into these Scriptures. We were given an overview of the leading non-Christian worldviews throughout human history and shown how they differ from God’s truth in several key areas including ultimacy, ethics and history. The other lectures also challenged this year’s campers to critically examine and understand the Christian faith, all while keeping them rooted in the fundamentals of Christianity, including the authority of Scripture and the centrality of the Gospel truth of salvation in Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone.

This year’s campers are already talking about next year, so we have to think about 2013 as well. We will work hard to get preliminary information out early, particularly regarding dates, so that your family can make summer plans that include WAY Camp for your 14-19-year-old adult children who want to lay down an enduring foundation for strong Kingdom-advancing faith. Some said our first camp in July was too late, but this year’s camp was probably too early, conflicting with some graduation ceremonies even for those whose studies and exams were over.

Thank you very much for praying for God’s blessings on this past week and for His work in the lives of the young adults who attended. God answered your prayers in many wonderful ways. Please continue to pray for enduring impact in their lives, and for extended blessing to others through the lectures that, Lord willing, will be posted on our website. And please continue to pray for the Biblical worldview and apologetics ministry of ChristianGovernance, and consider sending a donation as you are able to help us continue building and expanding this ministry to the glory of God.

God’s Kingdom is advancing,

Tim Bloedow
Executive Director